Private Health Insurance ConsultationWed, 20 Jan 2016

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Prosthesis listing and reimbursement process - Private Health Insurance ReviewFri, 15 Jan 2016

Dr Paul Stalley's letter regarding prosthesis listing and reimbursement process... Read more

25 Years in Orthopaedic Politics – Perspectives and PredictionsTue, 03 Nov 2015

After 25 years of working in health policy, it has been my pleasure to witness first-hand the passing parade of self-appointed gurus, health policy ‘experts’, and academic advisers who have served up a conveyer belt of taxpayer funded ideas that don’t work “to fix health”.... Read more

Position Statement from the Australian Knee Society on ArthroscopicTue, 29 Sep 2015

Position Statement from the Australian Knee Society on Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee, with particular reference to the presence of Osteoarthritis.... Read more

25th Anniversary of the Doctor's DisputeFri, 12 Apr 2013

The 1984 Doctor's Dispute left an indelible mark on Australian society and in particular on the psyche of health care decision makers at all levels.... Read more