Orthopaedic Specialties


Hip injuries are common and vary in their severity. A hip fracture may result when the upper quarter of your femur (thigh) bone breaks from a fall or direct blow to the hip. The surgeon's decision as to how to best fix a fracture will be based on the area of the hip that is broken and the different options that are available to manage these injuries.

If you have problems with arthritis in your hip joints, whereby the cartilage between bones wears away and the joint becomes inflamed, surgery could mean the difference between leading a normal life and one wracked with pain. It can often help to restore function to your damaged hip and relieve pain.

Total hip replacement (THR) surgery may be needed if your arthritis has not responded to conservative treatment.

ASOS supports the family doctor–patient relationship. If you have any symptoms that might require treatment, consult your GP, who will refer you to an appropriate orthopaedic specialist.